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EKB Medical specializes in medical practice management systems, which both streamlines the process of debt collection, and handles all medical claims in a professional and efficient manner.

We cover a wide range of practises within the healthcare industry, including Medical Doctors, Psychiatric practises, dentists and specialists in various fields.

EKB Medical has more than 23 years of experience in processing medical claims and debt collection for private practices and clinics, which makes us one of South Africa’s preferred Medical Bureaus.

Due to our professional, yet practical services we render, have we in recent years grown at an exponential rate while keeping the focus on the value we add to each individual practice.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have a 90% – 95% pay rate through the medical aids and debt collection. Furthermore, do we guarantee the lowest cost, resulting in the utmost proficiency with all our clients.

We are considered to be one of the best bureaus in South Africa, and we believe that the value we add, equips the practitioner to focus on what really matters: The health care of the patient.

Our Company


The Best Processing Software

Our systems and software ensures that all claims are dealt with speedily and with no delay. That is why EKB is using Elixir and MediSwitch to process the data and electronically sends it through to the Medical Aids.


Processing accounts

We process the claims on the same day we receive it (delivered to – or collected by us) As the medical claims are being processed, we use SwitchComm to retrieve the correct information of the member and patient to ensure correctness of claims.


Submission of claims

Though most practises has developed a system for the submissions of claims, EKB has spent years of perfecting the most efficient management system, taking care of various admin functions.  


Our Services

Collecting outstanding claims is a challenge and often a struggle for each private practice/clinic in today’s life.


Practice Syncing

Syncing enables the practice/clinic to do self-billing, were the bureau still takes responsibility for the follow-up of all medical claims and debt collection.



Patients are often sensitive on the privacy of personal information, and South African law protects the patient’s rights with equal importance. 

Why Us

We believe that the medical industry plays a vital role to the welfare and the health of the people we serve. We also believe, and currently practice it, that it is within our ability, to provide a solution to the medical industry, that enables each practitioner, whether medical doctor or dentist, small or great, to focus on that which makes the difference, by improving the health of each individual patient.

What Our Clients Say

EKB Medical is everything I looked for in handling my medical claims. They improved my cash-flow extremely. They are very reliable and they go out of their way to help me when there is a crisis in my practice. I would recommend EKB to any doctor or practitioner.  

Dr CM Nel

EKB Medical helped me a lot getting my practice off the ground again. They went out of their way to help me register at all the medical schemes and to get my practice name out there.  

Dr I Rama

They are fantastic at what they do. My practice and cashflow are running smoothly. EKB is collecting my medical claims by hand each week and within a week I receive payment from the medical aid and the private patients. I can definitely recommend EKB 

Dr Du Plessis


  • Medical accounts

  • Private accounts

  • RMA accounts

  • SADF accounts

  • IOD account


We send claims via SwitchComm EDI (real-time) to all schemes where we receive instant feedback from the Medical Aids after submissions of claims, which enable us to resubmit a medical claim at once if ever a problem occurs with the claim.


Our staff attends to the whole of the workflow on a daily basis, thus do we follow-up with the schemes and patients daily, having the benefit of an improved daily and weekly cash flow.

Mobile: 082 464 1717

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